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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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mountains white...and there's more on the way... >> live, from the cbs bay area studios t is kpix5 news. >> a whiff of winter weather turns the bay area white. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. hail wasn't all. there were threatening clouds, lightning, downpours, kpix5's christian hartnett is live in san francisco. it was a wild winter day christian. >> reporter: i know. can you believe it? it is such an interesting day of weather that we have had today. it seems like it has been nothing but sunny skies all month of february. but today, on the final day of the month, some people in the bay area actually got to have some fun in the snow. well, sort of. the start of a snow man being rolled in the front yard.
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a dirt path turning into a makeshift sledding course. snowballs whizzing through the air. it is a day to remember for kids in this east san jose neighborhood as hail turned green hills white and covered the roofs in the stuff. >> it kept coming and coming and getting harder and harder. the grass was covered. the green hills are white. it is fantastic. >> reporter: it is not exactly snow. more like a lot of ice. but they didn't care. >> it is like it is never going to happen. now we have that in our backyards, so the kids are having a great time. it is fantastic. >> reporter: not too far away, fans at the brand new avaya stadium danced in the hailstorm cheering on the san jose earthquakes in their first home game in the new digs. giant rolling clouds seen throughout the bay brought off
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and on downpours and frequent lightning strikes but it couldn't damper the spirits of those who have gotten a white winter. one of the neighbors we spoke with today said that the hail and lightning was going on for about two hours straight. the funny thing about it, he says he was born and raised on the ice coast and he says he has never seen a storm like that, ever before. live in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix5. >> well take into consideration are finally seeing snow? the sierra. it has been a while since any kind of storm has hit those mountaining. ski resorts are busy as skiers and snow boarders take advantage of a rare opportunity this winter. some of the results they received over a foot of snow in the past 24 hour. >> and to think it all began with an unstable little low that moved into the coastline sinking south out of the pacific northwest. for a short while, there was a severe thunderstorm warning in
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san mateo county tonight. it is all gone now headed well south. not an echo on the doppler, but we will have a forecast for changing times for monday in a few minutes. look at the sunset from discovery bay. this picture was sent to us from rita capp and it creates the illusion that mount diablo is in eruption. check this out. daly city. a viewer sent us this picture of hail on morton drive. so deep, it was making tracks. thanks to the passing traffic. and how would you like to help us traffic the weather yourself? you can by becoming a kpix5 weather watcher. sign up and send us your pictures at kpix5. >> the weather has hit other states as well. marley hall has the story. >> reporter: ice in the dallas area made driving difficult
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again. >> it has been pretty bad the last couple of days. today is better but it is getting bad in the parking lots where they don't have the sand and salt down. >> reporter: a weekend storm dumped freezing rain across parts of texas and oklahoma. this car hauler flipped on i-44 near tulsa saturday morning. while drivers in oklahoma city dealt with icy conditions that caused lots of crashes. and parts of new mexico got snow. lots of it. at least eight inches fell over albuquerque. it was a wash-out in south florida where miami received up to six inches of rain during what was supposed to be the dry season. >> it is just a mess. i had my day planned to go to miami beach. >> reporter: thunderstorms and 50 miles an hour wind gusts suspended play on day three of the pga honda classic in palm beach gardens. it got so blustery that the scoreboard floated away creating a new water hazard near the 18th hole. and in the boston area, kids on
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a youth hockey team escaped unharmed after the roof of their arena collapsed under the weight of weeks of heavy snow. marley hall, cbs news, new york. one couple in massachusetts found a creative way to get rid of some snow. ship it away. the husband and wife say it started out as a joke. but when they created a website, people started placing orders. >> seems people want to tease their friends. >> they are crazy. i thought it was pretty funny. >> six pounds of snow will cost you $89. 14 pounds, costs $169. the snow is shipped overnight to customers. the second largest boarder drug bust ever has authorities busy with tons of continue band. 16 tons of marijuana were found inside a truck hauling mattresses into san diego county. the driver was the only person arrested by agents isn't a
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mexican drug cartel is the real culprit. the pot has an estimated street value of $19 million. a california woman is under arrest accused of killing her three week old baby. the infant was found on wednesday in a swampy area west of sacramento. police had found the mom not far away. the autopsy from the baby had come back. the boy had drowned or died of hypothermia. the mother, samantha green is now accused of murder. the yolo county sheriff's defendant says she is the only suspect at the time. alcohol and speed confirmed to take the life of a 14-year- old boy in a violent crash. the two drivers took off leaving the dead and injured behind. >> reporter: skid marks paint a picture of those final moments 3:13 this morning.
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at hillsdale and meridian, several passengers in each of the cars. police say speed and alcohol played a factor when one vehicle lost control and hit a pole. three passengers were ejected including a 15-year-old boy who died. harry gerrero says that victim was his good friend. >> rest in peace. he was a good person. >> reporter: harry and his friends came to the crash site this morning to pay their respects. >> i knew him a couple of years and he was the real one to me. much love to him. at least try to help him out or something. that is bad how he died. he didn't die in peace. >> reporter: the crash is under investigation. police say the driver of the wrecked vehicle and a second driver fled before police got there. >> pieces of the car ever where. like, it looks bad. >> reporter: this afternoon, people stopped by to clean up
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pieces of the crash. a shattered window scattered debris for this group, all reminders of the friend they had and suddenly lost. >> i wish i could have told him more, at least. i wish i could have said one more good-bye. >> reporter: in san jose, mark kelly, kpix5. >> one of the cars involved in the crash reportedly was stolen. checking bay area headlines. 100 port-o-potties went up in flames in a warehouse fire. nobody was hurt. starting tomorrow, muni is free for seniors and the disabled with special clipper cards. 38,000 people applied for free rides through the new movie service. the program will cost the transit agency about $6 million over the next two years. and it is lights out for the bay bridge. at least for a while. the dancing lights will go dark beginning next friday while maintenance work is done.
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they will be offered nearly a year. the san francisco symphony will play on the embarcadero friday morning at the salute to the lights. from british royalty to samurai warrior. how prince william is getting a short course in japanese culture. >> and what what woman paid for a piece of space history. >> talk about a sugar coma. why a southern california woman may be wishing she was not such
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>> the red carpet is being rolled out for prince william this weekend on his trip to japan. the british royal is getting the full treatment. and is getting to experience the country's culture. he tried out a traditional warrior outfit and sat behind the anchor desk. stick to the day job! about news of a mock earthquake. the japanese had great affection for prince williams mother. the media in japan usually refers to him as diana's first born son. yellow fever has been detected in mosquitoes in menlo park. they are checking for standing water where the mosquitoes breed. there have been no reports of people getting sick so far.
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the cleanup of the drakes bay oyster farm is being put on hold. officials at the point reyes say it is because harbor seal pups are starting to show up. the drakes bay oyster farm closed last year. many of the oyster racks need to be removed. the cleanup will continue in june. looks like all systems go for the space ex launch in florida. the falcon 9 rocket was put into position in cape canaveral. nasa has leaned heavily on space ex to send supplies into space. just a few weeks ago, it helped launch a satellite to track solar storms. and a woman in canada has the right stuff if she wants to do space travel. julie lynn wong found an
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authentic space suit in a thrift shop. she contacted the name on the suit and he confirmed it. >> i said i couldn't believe it. and this flight suit likes like the one he wears at the back of his book. >> wong paid $40 for the suit. not even hatfield knows how it got in a thrift spot. we checked tonight, the video of hatfield singing space oddity has millions of views. another exciting find for a southern california family. inside a box of girl scout cookies was a special prize that will satisfy the sweet tooth in all of them for a year. >> i don't know who was more excited. the girls or the troop leaders. because they get just as excited as the girl. the combination of the two is explosive. but it is such a fun idea. >> reporter: it was a city wide
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scavenger hunt that would have made willy wonka proud. all day long, the girls tweeted clues to the golden tickets. inside 15 boxes were tickets to win a months supply of samoas. but inside one box, a year's supply. >> isn't this exciting? >> reporter: wendy and her mother were smiling ear to ear as 84 boxes were wheeled their way. >> yeah, i'm surprise. i don't know what to do with it! >> reporter: so what will they do with 85 boxes of cookies? >> we will give them out! >> the contest was part of a celebration for the 40th anniversary of the samoa. well, we already pointed out that the exciting weather that we had earlier today, you know, by the way, a lot of the weather news probably is news to many of you watching tonight. because, there aren't that many places that picked up measurable rain. you had to be at the right place at the rite time. but if you were, it was memorable. right now, we head out to oakland and show you the
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numbers. 49 degrees in concord at the moment. 45 in oakland, livermore, 46. in san francisco, 53. in san jose, 48. we have that low pressure that is over our own cape mendocino. it is spinning out. i'm sorry, over point conception. that will leave us with a mostly sunny day tomorrow. there is just not much left on doppler radar. most of what we had is interesting. the low pressure is down here. it is the top of the low that dragged the thunderstorms inland out to the shoreline which is slightly counterintuitive to the way we see these systems forming. thunderstorms dried up for now. rainfall the past 24 hours, not too much. third of an inch in the santa cruz mountains, more rain fell south than north today, but none was recorded in san francisco or the airport, fremont, mountain view, none.
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same for livermore, mount diablo, but there was a trace in santa rosa. napa had some thunder bumpers, a little hail and rain. and a quarter inch in petaluma. a winter weather alert up to 5500 feet in the mountains. another two inches of snow will not be a surprise as we get more moisture out of the system headed south. so, the showers and overnight, tomorrow is okay. then, another weak little system moves out to the pacific northwest again on monday. after that, high pressure reasserts itself and we are looking for clearing weather the latter half of the week. a little bit of a chance. kind of a repeat of what we had today. it will not amount to much. just like today's system. so in the future cast, you can see tomorrow looks like it will be mostly sunny for the bay area. time lapse of what should happen. a few clouds flowing easterly fashion from the central valley. that's about it. so we are looking for
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increasing sunshine tomorrow. and the showers ending tonight. mostly in sunny and dry for sunday. maybe a sprinkle or two on monday. we shall see. for tomorrow, the numbers will be mostly in the mid 60 inside the bay area. still above average. three degrees above average in the city. concord, 65 degrees. san jose, 66. oakland, 67. south bay tomorrow, oakland with sunshine. 64 in fremont. same in milpitas. mountain view, los altos, 66. 65 cupertino. walnut creek looking nice, 65. vallejo, 63. brentwood, 66, livermore, 65. no big surprises in the north bay. sunshine tomorrow and temperatures in the mid 60s . very pleasant. and up in the far north bay, ukiah, way up on 101. comes in at 63 degrees. chilly up there today. 50s . tomorrow, a bit of a recovery. extended forecast, sunshine sunday. monday, that is when we get a few scattered showers again in the bay area but that will do it the rest of the week.
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partly cloudy tuesday and wednesday. thursday through the rest of the week, sunshine. but mom, my mother turned into reporter earlier today and said, here is the house with all the hail. it did look like snow in the villages east of downtown san jose. thanks mom. remember, you can become a kpix5 weather watcher. sign up and send us your videos on warrioring makes news even though they are not playing today. >> yeah, they will be missing a player. an altercation on the court leads to a suspension for a golden state warrior for tomorrow. plus, the sharks are sinking in the tank. they go the entire month of february wit
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>> well, there are good winning streaks and there are bad kinds of streaks. i think the sharks are on one of the bad kind. >> they are not on a winning streak. that's for sure. the sharks are on their longest winless streak at home in ten years. the last win at the sap center was last month, january 31 against chicago. the sharks hoping tonight was the night their home gave them an advantage against ottawa. great start for san jose.
11:23 pm
tommy wingels surrounded by senators to give the sharks a 1- 0 lead. second now, patrick marleau. he scored. and san jose goes back in front, 2-1. third period, tied at 2-2. ottawa on the power play. mike hoffman scores on the rebound giving the senators a 3- 2 lead. they would go onto win 4-2. the sharks eighth straight home loss. golden state was planning on sitting center andrew bogut. cal going up against oregon state, and a game with
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>> saint mary had a huge upset within their grasp, but let a seven point lead slip away a week ago. if they had gotten that win, they would be in the second seed by now. instead, it was on the line tonight in their regular season finale. broncos pathensas had brain surgery to remove a tumor in october. broncos off to a good stop.
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the ball, santa clara up. two minutes left. tied at 67-67. aaron bright from long range. he hits the three with the shot clock winding down. 15 seconds left in the game. brownridge drives with the layup with seven seconds left. saint mary doesn't call a time out. so garrett jackson trying to win it all for the gales and he throws up a prayer. the first win at home. versus saint mary since 2009 for the broncos. well, usf honoring their seniors. tigers leading by three. cruz pinkening ties the game. he led with 18 points. eight minutes left in the ball game. now 51-45. mark tollison putting up usf up
11:28 pm
by eight. the dons win 65-55 finishing 7- 11. third ranked nanzaga. kyle collinsworth. he gets his own rebound and puts it in. byu up by hive. but the gonzaga bulldogs, down by three. kyle rose up the half court shot. that one was close. it hits the back of the rim and byu wins 73-70 snapping gonzaga's win streak. next week's tournament bracket is now set. with their loss and byu's win, saint mary drops to the three seed and will have a by to the quarter final. usf will face merrymont. both games are on friday. well, utah coach larry
11:29 pm
criscoiac getting heated. brandon taylor drops in the three, now a minute and 40 left. gabe york goes right down the lane and scores. arizona would win 63-57 and clinch a share of the pack 12 title. and to women's hoops, oregon state fans trying to see if the beavers can win their first ever title. brittany boyd to rashonda gray. we move to the second half. oregon state up by seven. a career high of seven threes put the bs up by ten. osu had 15 threes in the game and they win 73-55 clinching their first ever conference championship. >> let the madness begin. >> it all starts in march.
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>> well, it is one thing to be too young to get too a bar, but
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how about too old? >> this wasn't a senior citizen. it was a 42-year-old man. garth thomas went to a trendy bar in new zealand, but couldn't get through the door. >> i gave them my id. he looked at it for a little while and he said you're too old. you are too old to get in. >> what did you say? >> i was just stunned! and he said the age limit is 38. >> wow. >> here is the explanation. the bar owner says there is no age policy, but why would a 42- year-old man try to get into a bar full of students? >> and at 38, boy hark is when the shades really start to draw, thanks for watching. >> news and weather always on kpix5. goodnight. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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